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Your injection molding machine operation is really safe?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-28
Injection molding machine is a kind of high pressure, fast action, at the same time is a kind of machine high temperature operation, often because of the operator oversight, under the effect cause irreparable injury, and regret lifelong. Injection molding machine in the operation of each are dangerous, especially when the mould and the open. To avoid danger happening, the operator must pay attention to when operating the following safety issues: 1, injection molding machine surrounding space, try to keep in the clear after a lubricating oil or oil pressure, should wipe of the leaking oil as soon as possible. 2, the plastic tube on the clean up debris can be opened only after heating, in order to prevent fire. 3, shot forward, we don't use hand to remove from the melt, a nozzle leak so as not to hand in the middle of the machine and mold. 4, clean up the cylinder, the nozzle to the most appropriate temperature, keep the shoot the mouth open, and then use the lower of the glue cylinder pressure and velocity remove the rest of the plastic, the cleaning not in direct contact with the hand just when the plastic injection, so as to avoid burns. 5, avoid left the heat-sensitive and corrosive plastic cylinder inside too long, supplier shall comply with the plastic of downtime and machine cleaning methods. 6 before must check whether the mold, injection molding machine operation firmly installed on the injection molding machine dynamic templates and head plate. 7, do not cancel the security in order to improve the production speed or safety door switch. 8, when installing the mold rings must be completely screwing in mould lifting crane before. Mould should be installed according to the size of the mold adjustment of injection molding machine safety rod length, do security door is opened, the machine safety injection molding machine clamping and stop falling can hold. 9, in normal injection molding process, it is strictly prohibited to the operator don't open the door, by the above or below take out the plastic injection molding machine. Repair mold or no production should be timely to turn off when the injection pump motor. 10, injection molding machine, the operation can be one operator, to allow multiple operations. Banned one operator control panel at the same time, another person to adjust mould and other operations.

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