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Why are PET plastic dry

by:FUHONG     2020-10-04
PET plastic also called polyethylene terephthalate, is for the use of injection molding industry more plastic raw materials. PET is the production of pipe products, tube products is relatively commonly used materials. PET plastic moisture absorption is higher, the plastic moisture content is higher, PET plastic must be dry before production. Drying of PET for processing, can increase the surface finish and transparency, and improve the bending strength, tensile strength, avoid the internal crack and bubble, and can improve the plasticizing capacity and shorten the molding cycle. Moisture absorption and degradation characteristics of PET raw material, molten state of PET is extremely sensitive to moisture, in the process of machining, the PET is the nature of the hydrolysis reaction with water, causing viscosity reducing and structural strength weakening of defects. PET drying time in at least 6 hours to reach normal processing requirements, the heating temperature is set in 170 ~ 185 degrees c for better state. PET dryer must adapt to the following conditions & ndash; — Enough to heat the air to top 185 degrees. — — Dew point is less than - 250C。 — — Good air circulation to preheat particles and take away moisture. — — Enough to allow about six hours of drying time and make the original particles containing water well dry. If you have more about PET plastic, PET injection molding machine, plastic injection molding machine information need to know, please contact us!
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