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Which vertical injection molding machine to choose?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-27
Which vertical injection molding machine is better for the injection molding of the knife handle? First of all, you need to determine what kind of raw materials you are injection molding to determine which machine to choose. Because in the injection-molded knife handle, there are bakelite materials and ordinary plastic materials. If it is the selected bakelite material, when selecting the machine, we have a BMC bakelite vertical injection molding machine for the bakelite material. For ordinary materials, you can choose a turret vertical injection molding machine, which can be used for bicycle handles, Knife handles and other products are used for injection molding. Bakelite material knife handle bakelite material knife handle chooses bmc bakelite vertical injection molding machine is more suitable, the reason why bakelite vertical injection molding machine is a separate series, mainly considering the particularity of bakelite, bakelite stand The injection molding machine strengthens the sol system and improves the special pressing cylinder, which can provide greater pressure for the extrusion of bakelite materials. 1. JTT-850R BMC vertical injection molding machine adopts vertical clamping and vertical injection molding. In view of the characteristics of BMC/DMC material, we specially installed a press cylinder to better and better pressure, to ensure that the extrusion of raw materials does not damage the original structure of the raw materials. 2. This machine adopts the disc multi-station design, which can be embedded in multiple molds and multi-station, which greatly improves the production efficiency. 3. High-precision temperature control. , Small error and high precision. 4. Servo energy-saving motor can be selected for better energy saving. 5. Using LCD display to operate, all machine performances are interface-based operation, which is convenient, simple and fast. 6. The clamping force of this machine is 85T, and the injection volume is 123-250g. 7. The difference between different models of the same type of machine is mainly the difference of parameters. Ordinary plastic material selection turret vertical injection molding machine If it is an ordinary plastic material, you can choose a turret vertical injection molding machine, which has multiple injection nozzles, which can meet the needs of injection molding in multiple colors, and has higher injection efficiency and more suitable Long handle plastic injection molded parts are used for injection molding. 1. The mold core rotates and the turret two-color vertical injection molding machine. 2. It has two injection nozzles A and B, which can be formed at one time alternately. 3. Embedded in multiple molds, turret-style multi-station design, a central turret, and fixed inserts in a cross manner. 4. Standard servo energy-saving motor can be selected, standard energy-saving 20-30%, standard three-serving energy-saving 40-50%, faster molding cycle 5. Note: Two-color turret injection molding machine has three kinds of clamping forces: 110T, 210T, 240T , The difference lies in the clamping force and the amount of injection. 6. This model includes: motor drive shaft, mounting tray, turntable and several core components. The motor drive shafts are respectively connected with an output drive shaft and a mounting tray, the turntable is installed on the mounting tray, and a plurality of mold core components are evenly installed around the turntable. To sum up, the choice of vertical injection molding machine to inject the knife handle or handle depends on the injection material you use. Not every kind of plastic material uses the same machine. Of course, according to the customer's own The injection molding process and requirements to customize the machine is of course the best injection molding solution.
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