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Which one is better for disposable plastic spoon injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-07-01
China has always been a country with great food culture. We have eight major cuisines and various soups are emerging one after another. Disposable plastic spoons are mostly used in major restaurants, snack bars and other places. The consumer demand on the market is large, the manufacturer's mass production price is cheap, and the production cost is low. This is the main requirement. Most of the materials used to produce disposable plastic spoons are PP/PET, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and high-temperature resistant. Therefore, the injection molding machine is required to design the injection temperature to be heated at a higher temperature than other materials. Secondly, the application in the catering industry requires a relatively high degree of cleanliness. Manufacturers generally perform injection molding in a dust-free workshop, and the entire injection molding process must ensure that the raw materials are not polluted. Otherwise, it cannot meet the national inspection standards for catering products and cannot meet the customer's injection molding requirements. For the design of airtightness, we can install special airtight barrels for customers. Take our liquid silicone injection molding machine as an example. Plastic products for the medical industry also require high cleanliness and no pollution. A fully enclosed injection molding system is designed to better improve the sealing performance of injection molding to prevent air pollutants from entering the product. If the above requirements are customer needs, customers can refer to our liquid silicone injection molding machine before designing the machine, which is specially used for medical plastic products such as syringes and infusion needles. Liquid silicone injection molding machine parameters refer to 1. JTT-850D single slide liquid silicone injection molding machine, liquid silicone plunger pump and metering methods are all hydraulic working methods, suitable for different liquid silicone rubber materials, and can process 55 gallons of liquid silicone materials. 2. Fully enclosed system for injection molding, better sealing performance to prevent impurities in the air from mixing into the raw materials, improve the quality of liquid silicone injection molding products and reduce the appearance of bubbles. 3. The clamping force of this machine is: 85T; the injection volume is: 1-250g; 4. The machine is easy to operate, LCD digital screen display, various functions are clear and clear, convenient and quick to operate, high-precision temperature control, small error ,High precision. Regarding the machines, we are all custom-made. The above details may still be under-considered. We also welcome you to inquire. We will tailor the injection program (plastic machine + mold) that suits your requirements for you. Injection molding requirements are different, non-standard customization is definitely the most suitable for you.
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