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Which is the best vertical injection molding machine for toothpaste cosmetic tube injection head and shoulder injection?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-04
Plastic hose is a material that can be seen everywhere in our lives, and it is also an important part of today's industry. Plastic hoses are usually divided into two types: one is a corrugated pipe that is normally wound and continuously wound with material. This kind of plastic hose is usually used to protect wires and cables. The other is completely watertight and airtight. For example, the water heater pipes, gas tanks, toothpaste and cosmetics in our homes are mostly made of this material. How to choose a vertical injection molding machine for hose head and shoulder? Due to its unique properties, plastic hoses have strict requirements on our injection molding machines. Machinery has 18 years of development experience in the field of injection molding machines, and is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on technological breakthroughs and innovations in the fields of standard vertical injection molding machines, disc vertical injection molding machines and low pressure injection molding machines, and forms itself With a unique intellectual property system, the following recommends a vertical injection molding machine dedicated to the nozzle head and shoulder of the hose. Model recommendation: parameter list product sample image for more details, please consult our customer service staff.
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