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Which is better, large vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-20
The birth of the large-scale vertical injection molding machine is mainly a model designed to solve the size that the conventional vertical injection molding machine cannot inject. The main feature of a large vertical injection molding machine is its large size. Its tonnage and size can match the horizontal injection molding machine. Even many horizontal injection molding products can be injected by large vertical injection molding machines. So to inject a large-size plastic product, should I choose a large vertical injection molding machine or a horizontal injection molding machine? The advantages of large-scale vertical injection molding machine 1. Vertical injection molding machine, vertical clamping molding, its product shape is beautiful, low-position design accords with the ergonomic operation height, reduces the user's requirement on the height of the plant, and the large flow servo confluence Patented technology, each system can operate simultaneously or independently, the system has no interference, super energy saving, combined with the unique exquisite advantages of JT series models. 2. The downward-oriented injection mold clamping can better fulfill the injection requirements, automatically parallel, and automatically correct the origin. Especially for precision injection molding of products that require precise injection molding, such as computer keyboards and notebook keyboards, large vertical injection molding machines are more suitable. 3. The low-position design is convenient for operators to operate. The advantages of the horizontal and vertical injection molding machine 1. Horizontal injection molding and clamping molding. Mold clamping and injection molding are on the same horizontal center line. It can inject various large plastic products, such as plastic barrels, plastic basins, etc. 2. The machine has a low body and does not have high requirements for the height of the plant. 3. It occupies a large area, but the size of the injection molded product is also large, which requires certain requirements for the area of u200bu200bthe manufacturer. Key comparison 1. The price of large vertical injection molding machine is relatively cheaper, and the price of horizontal injection molding machine is more expensive. 2. In terms of power consumption, the horizontal machine consumes more power. 3. The injection efficiency of the vertical machine is higher, and the injection efficiency of the vertical machine is faster. In summary, if it is injection molding of conventional large-size plastic products, you can choose a horizontal injection molding machine, if you have a certain requirement for precision injection molding, you can choose a large vertical injection molding machine.
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