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Which aspects should the injection molding machine choose from?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-06
The injection machine is the injection molding machine, which is widely used in the production of plastic products. Since the injection machine can reprocess thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics into various shapes required in production, it can be said that the production of plastics is inseparable from the injection machine. The injection machine is powerful, so which aspects should I choose when buying an injection machine? 1. Understand the capacity you need, and buy an injection machine that matches the required capacity. The equipment is for production, so it must reach the capacity required by the production process, so that it can meet the production requirements. Therefore, the production capacity of the injection molding machine must first be adapted to the production to ensure that the production can create sufficient benefits. 2. Understand whether the precision of the injection machine product meets the production requirements. Different plastic manufacturers produce different products, and the fineness of different products is also different. Purchasing personnel should pay attention to the fineness requirements when purchasing injection machines. 3. Understand the maintenance and maintenance requirements of the injection machine. Some foreign injection molding machine parts are unique to foreign manufacturers, which will affect future maintenance work. And if the accessories or grease are easily available in China, then the maintenance of the equipment will be easier to start. 4. Understand the material of the injection machine. A large part of the service life of a device depends on the material of the device. Only by understanding the material characteristics of the device can you better understand the device. Finally, the purchaser should also make more comparisons on the price of the equipment, and then select the best one. Of course, after-sales service is also very important. Therefore, we can give priority to choosing manufacturers with good after-sales service.
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