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by:FUHONG     2020-09-29
As we all know, too many brand injection molding machine, now has a domestic, there are foreign, when you ready to start in a new injection molding project, we have to start preparing related equipment, such as plastic injection molding machine and mold, and want to be able to produce good quality of plastic product, the quality of the injection molding machine is also very important. When selecting a injection molding machine, therefore, we have a lot of issues to consider, you first come simple to understand the following: first, the injection molding machine points a lot of categories, such as PET, PVC, PC material, they all have special materials, special materials, we will consider using special screw and cylinder, so we will pay special attention in selection. Next, the cycle of mold, clamping system and injection speed and remove the way products are essential. Such as the size of the mould, the thickness of the height, is also one of the important factors, its width and height of the mould must be degrees must be less than or at least less than big column interval, if too large, will can't let go in, is too small, clamping force is not enough, the design of the product structure, demoulding way also is very important, if automatic demoulding can speed up the cycle of injection molding plastic products. Comprehensive the above reason, choose suitable injection molding machine, before we decide to project, we will be clear, plastic material is how the project, we should choose PuTongJi or special machine, the size of products, and also can decide the mould size and model of injection molding machine, want to consider to lead to various decision models of injection molding machine.

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