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Whether the toy factory uses a vertical injection molding machine or a horizontal injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-03
Friends who run a toy factory have noticed that when choosing an injection molding machine, you don’t follow your friends’ suggestions. Each company has different stages of development. The machines used are also different. If you have enough money to start a business, it’s a different matter, even if it is. No matter how rich you have money, you must follow the moment. The suitability of the injection molding machine depends on the product you are making. Today, I will talk about how to choose between a vertical injection molding machine and a horizontal injection molding machine. Both the horizontal injection molding machine and the vertical injection molding machine can be seen in words, mainly because the opening and closing directions of the mold are different, and this difference is reflected in the machine itself. The horizontal injection molding machine has a large volume and a large floor space, usually twice the size of a vertical injection molding machine. It is simple to operate and convenient to maintain. The biggest advantage is that the plastic part can automatically fall after being pushed out of the mold cavity, and it is easy to realize automated production. The cost will be much lower on the road to automation. Horizontal injection molding machines are usually selected for pure plastic products with large product areas or without inserts. The vertical injection molding machine is small in size and occupies a small area, but combined with the barrel height requirements, the vertical injection molding machine must be equipped with a robotic arm to pick up the parts in order to achieve automatic production, otherwise it needs to be picked up manually, the vertical injection molding machine is embedded The parts are convenient, which is conducive to the precision molding of the mold and improves the accuracy. In terms of price, it is also cheaper, easy to load and unload, and is more suitable for small batch production. In the early stage of the business, there is no doubt that the vertical injection molding machine is more in line with its own needs, saving plant area and machine investment costs. The multi-station vertical injection molding machine can also greatly improve production efficiency. It is very necessary for the toy factory to make a model suitable for it according to its own products and the development stage of the factory. Our machinery is a vertical injection molding machine. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we have perfect pre-sales and after-sales service standards. According to field inspections, we have been working hard to understand customer needs, reduce customer input costs, and improve customer production efficiency. When you buy a vertical injection molding machine, you choose machinery. To learn more about models, go to our official website to learn more, and online customers who don’t understand will answer for you.
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