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Where there is a dedicated PVC servo injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-25
In today under the policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, all the big plastic products manufacturer for the equipment of their own demand more energy saving, and more professional counterparts. For plastic manufacturer enterprise internal standard machine, but there is another PVC pipe fittings products production requirements, so this time, it is best to find a professional PVC servo injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises. Dakumar as the world's leading injection molding machine manufacturers, including PVC servo injection molding machine but also the representative products of the industry. So Dakumar PVC servo injection molding machine, compared with the ordinary injection molding machine what are the different? Dakumar for PVC material properties of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), on the basis of the general-purpose plastic products of PVC production by the servo injection molding function efficiency, perfect the implementation of the production requirements of the clients. 1: use PVC plasticizing components for special purpose, hard chrome plated screw kagyu rod, chrome plated nozzle ( Increasing the aperture) And chrome plated nozzle flange corrosion resistance is strong. 2: widening machine door design, increasing the hydraulic core-pulling device ( Two inputs and two outputs) 3: strict temperature control, optional multistage fan or compressed air cooling. 4: using servo control system, to achieve high efficiency and energy saving excellent plasticizing. ( Compared to the ordinary rate of 20 - hydraulic injection molding machine skills 80%) 5: the larger the machine screw cylinder with oil cooling, water cooling system, can want to choose more. 6: when the hydraulic motor to adapt to the PVC plasticizing ultra-high screw torque requirements. If you're looking for a professional PVC servo injection molding machine, so welcome to visit, we will provide you with a full range of solutions. The news comes from: SINO - - Pang telephone: 18758660992 QQ: 1978701029
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