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Where is the difference between high speed injection molding machine and common injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-05
As high-speed application more and more widely, the merchants of a lot of thin wall products on the market on the performance of high-speed injection molding machine. So when it comes to performance problems, the following analysis on the difference between high speed injection molding machine and common injection molding machine? 1, normal injection molding machine in molding process is pure hydraulic injection molding machine, hydraulic injection molding machine by the hydraulic oil to drive relative speed is slow, and high-speed machine use servo motor to realize the open and close mold, ejector demoulding, raw material storage material injection three steps at the same time, compared to normal injection molding machine in the process of injection molding save about 6 s time, injection speed is faster, more precise position control, greatly improve production efficiency. 2, in the aspect of environmental protection general standard pump that is used by the injection molding machine in electric power, hydraulic oil and noise pollution. Hybrid high-speed machine series adopts hydraulic petrol-electric hybrid with servo motor, can significantly reduce the machine operation and production noise, improve the working environment. Three, in the aspect of energy saving of common injection molding machine using traditional hydraulic system, high energy consumption, and equipped with high response servo system, according to the need to provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow, no additional losses, energy-saving 30% more effective than the traditional hydraulic press 70%. And our high speed precision injection molding machine series can be more flexible to adapt to the user a variety of complex and innovation of the demand of the injection molding process. Such as the market of energy-saving thin-wall high speed servo machine 250 eh series is for blood collection tube machine, the machine can be widely used in food packaging, medical products, high-end electronics and other industries, can meet the needs of various container packaging professional customers.
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