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What types of large vertical injection molding machines are there?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-19
For the types of injection molding machines, we divide them according to their injection molding styles. There are vertical injection molding machines and horizontal injection molding machines. The difference between the two is that the injection molding mode is different, and the vertical injection molding machine is the top. Vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine are lateral injection molding. In terms of appearance, horizontal injection molding machines are relatively large and can be classified into large injection molding machines, while vertical injection molding machines are generally small, and there are also large vertical injection molding machines for special purposes. However, the types of large vertical injection molding machines are basically customized models, developed for specific customers or needs. Its type does not have a unified type. In order to meet the needs of large size and top injection molding, our company has specially developed a large vertical injection molding machine, which can be applied to various large-size injection molded parts, such as common plastic parts inside automobile doors. For example, injection molded parts of automobile center console and so on. This type of product requires high precision injection molding at the top, and the shape of the injection molded part is larger, so the machine is larger when it is designed. Advantages of large vertical injection molding machine 1. This machine is a JTT-2000R disc vertical injection molding machine, which adopts vertical clamping, vertical injection molding machine, disc multi-station design, disc clamping design can be placed multiple pairs Mold, improve production efficiency. 2. The clamping force of this machine is: 2000T; the injection volume is: 510-735g; it can be used for all kinds of plastic injection processing, especially suitable for the production of electric car handles, electric car mirrors and other large injection molding plastic parts. . 3. This machine can be equipped with optional equipment such as automation devices, mechanical arms, and servo energy-saving motors. 4. The machine is easy to operate, LCD digital screen display, all functions are clear and easy to operate. 5. The main difference of the same type of machine is in the parameters. For more parameters, please check the performance parameters below or consult our online customer service. We generally customize large vertical injection molding machines according to customer requirements, and due to the high cost of procurement, customer needs are different, so we suggest that if you need to buy large vertical injection molding machines, please contact our customer service staff. Make a sample, and then issue a machine configuration design plan and quotation, which is more convenient for your reference.
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