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What should blow bottle injection molding machine operation

by:FUHONG     2020-09-26
Bottle blowing machine is a kind of plastic particles produced by the blow molding process into a hollow container equipment, the more common models include the use of PP and PE in a hollow in moulding blowing machine, using PET, PC or PP twice molding injection blow bottle machine, and developed new multi-story hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. Below I to blow bottle injection molding machine under the simple introduction specific steps: step 1: place the bottle embryo in embryo bottle container, the conveyer automatic into the bottle embryo positioning device. Step 2: the embryo bottle mouth up bottle embryo automatically loaded into the bottle embryo holder, and then into the drying tunnel. Step 3: after heating, bottle embryo was sent to blow flattening machine, clamping, then successively by the low attenuation, high pressure attenuation, exhaust, the final mould. Step 4: a bottle by automatic demoulding system platform from bottle blowing off. Bottle blowing machine operation specification and pay attention to the following: ( 1) Per shift boot before, it is necessary to add the lubricating oil in the moving parts. ( Robots, robot guide, opening and closing mould guide) ( 2) Swing arm can be ( 3 - 4) Add a days. Small heating machine big chain chain can be once a month. Often, heating machine, check the host reducer reducer is short of oil. Add a host bearing can be 3 months. ( 3) Check all moving parts are in strong before production, if the screw loose fall off, especially the impact is stronger, belt drive part. ( 4) Check the high pressure gas source, low pressure air supply, power supply, water supply is normal. ( 5) Check the urgent stop switch, safety door switch, protection device detection switch is normal. ( 6) Check the heating head into the embryo, embryo parts work is normal. Insert embryo does not reach the designated position adjustable nut pressing device. ( 7) Check whether the tube is damaged, and rupture. To timely replacement. ( 8) Check whether the pneumatic components leakage, the movement is sensitive. ( 9) Check whether the triplet is abnormal leakage, blockage, water cup water is too full. ( 10) Fully automatic bottle blowing mechanical and electrical magnetic valve when the weather is abnormal, should be timely cleaning clean time> < 3. 5 million per bottle.
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