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What process technology does the turntable vertical injection molding machine have?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-24
1. Opening and closing of the mold. Generally speaking, the mold opening and closing time used by most rotary vertical injection molding machines is slower than the quoted time. This difference is related to the weight, size and complexity of the mold, as well as the safety protection of the mold. The mold opening and closing time of the turntable vertical injection molding machine is as follows. 1. Traditional two-plate mold. Close mold (including the use of side mold core and screw-out device) and multi-plate mold: 2-3.5tcm, if the mold opening and closing time is 15% longer than the actual operation time, then you need to modify the mold or use another stand Type injection molding machine to shorten the time. Newer high-speed vertical injection molding machines can provide faster opening and closing speeds, and use low mold opening and closing pressure to activate the clamping force to close the mold. Vertical injection molding machine technicians often do not pay attention to the board speed or time of a particular turntable vertical injection molding machine or high-speed vertical injection molding machine, but use personal experience to set the mold opening and closing time, which will make the operation time long. This kind of personal technical adjustment behavior is also one of the factors that make up profit or loss. 2. The function of back pressure. The application of the back pressure of the turntable vertical injection molding machine can ensure that the screw can generate enough mechanical energy to melt and mix the plastic when the screw is rotated and reset. The purpose of back pressure is to discharge the volatile gas air out of the injection cylinder. Mix the additives such as toner, color grade, antistatic agent, talcum powder, etc. with the melt evenly. Homogenize the melt flowing through the length of the screw Provide uniform and stable plasticized materials to obtain precise finished product weight control. The back pressure value selected when the rotary table vertical injection molding machine is working should be as low as possible. The melt has proper density and uniformity, and there are no bubbles, volatile gases and incomplete plasticized plastics in the melt. The use of back pressure increases the pressure temperature and melt temperature of the turntable vertical injection molding machine. The magnitude of increase is related to the set back pressure value. The back pressure of the oil circuit of the larger vertical injection molding machine can be as high as 25-40bar. It should be noted that too high back pressure causes the temperature of the melt in the barrel to be too high, and it is destructive to the production of heat-sensitive plastics. Too high back pressure also causes the screw to be too large and irregular offside, which makes the injection volume extremely unstable. In order to obtain the best production conditions, the correct back pressure setting is very important so that the melt can be properly mixed. Recommended reading: A brief description of the JTT-550DM liquid silicone injection molding process for silicone injection molding machine?
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