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What is the working principle of the disc vertical injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-22
Disc vertical injection molding machine can choose double-station or three-station, that is to say, it can have one upper mold, two or three lower molds. The operator puts the inserts here, and the clamping mechanism closes the mold to make the product. This efficiency will be greatly improved, like ordinary double skateboards can also achieve this effect, but generally requires two people to operate, if one person walks around will be very difficult, if it is a disc machine, this problem does not exist. It can be operated by one person, which greatly saves labor costs. Working principle---pre-plasticizing stage The basic working principle of the injection machine is that after the plastic raw material is uniformly plasticized in the barrel, the injection product is formed after injection, flow filling, pressure holding and cooling. The characteristics of each stage are as follows: under the action of the screw, the granular plastic stored in the hopper continuously moves along the groove. Due to the combined action of the heating outside the barrel and the shear of the screw, the plastic is continuously heated and softened, and finally becomes a molten viscous flow state. At the same time, the force of the melt on the screw head pushes the screw back. Adjust the screw retreat speed by changing the screw back pressure (working oil return resistance), change the plastic flow condition in the screw groove, and finally achieve the purpose of controlling the plasticization performance of the plastic. For example, increasing the back pressure can improve the uniformity of the melt, and at the same time increase the temperature of the melt, which will inevitably affect the conveying capacity of the screw; the screw retreats and its actual working length changes, causing the plasticizing capacity to decrease. At the same time, after melting The plastic temperature has a large deviation in the axial direction of the screw and increases with the increase of the injection stroke and the screw speed. Therefore, by using the linear relationship between the back pressure and the melt temperature, the back pressure can be dynamically adjusted according to the actual material temperature to compensate for the axial temperature difference caused by the shortening of the effective length of the screw during pre-molding. In the same way, by adjusting the back pressure and speed to ensure that there is a large shear force and a low speed under high back, the plasticization is uniform; under low back pressure and low speed, most of the melt pressure at the front of the screw is released , The screw has a small moment of inertia. In the injection molding stage, the disc injection molding machine is under the action of the screw thrust, and the plasticized melt flows through the barrel, nozzle, runner, gate, etc. at a certain rate, and then injects into the mold cavity. The injection pressure is also overcome. The flow resistance gradually decreases. The plastic filling process and molding quality of the disc injection molding machine are not only affected by the injection pressure, but also depend on the melt injection speed, melt and mold temperature, runners, gates and molds. Generally, the higher the melt pressure and the faster the speed, the longer the distance it can flow. Using the cavity pressure, it can objectively describe the melt flow and its state changes, and control the quality of the product. The mold filling process is divided into four stages. At the same time, the pressure values u200bu200bobtained by different pressure measurement points are different on the flow length of the melt in the cavity at the same time, but the pressure changes have similar laws. The relationship between the size of the screw of the disc injection molding machine and the product weight In the production process of the disc injection molding machine, the size of the screw is related to the amount of glue sprayed. The selection of the appropriate screw is directly related to the quality of the product. Different screws, discs The injection molding machine has different values u200bu200bfor the amount of glue sprayed during production. If the weight of the product is small and a screw with a large diameter is selected, the product will be scorched and yellow (too much melt). If the weight of the product is large, the diameter should be small. The product produced by the screw is prone to lack of material, and the product cannot meet the design requirements, and the product will be unqualified. In the injection molding machine, the 123T disc injection molding machine uses three types of screws, one is 40, one is 45, and the other is 50. Choose 40 screw, the maximum injection volume of disc injection molding machine is 263g during production, and choose 50, it can reach 410. At the same time, the pressure of small screw, disc injection molding machine will be higher than the pressure of large screw. It will be big. Vertical Injection Molding Machine|Disc Vertical Injection Molding Machine|Vertical Disc Injection Molding Machine
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