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What is the variable pump injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-21
With the continuous development of its own and grow with quantitative pump and variable pump, servo machine, high-speed machine, two-color machine, and other series injection molding machine, continuously improve the design, has always focused on improvement of HMI, high-speed injection system of research and development, the stability precision filling technology of PC material. With superior quality and advanced technology, ranks among the top of the injection molding machine in China market, become outstanding injection molding machine industry. Injection molding machine type is various, models complete. Variable pump and standard machine servo injection molding machine and machine from 50 t to 1600 t. High speed injection molding machine 118 tons to 780 tons, two-color machine from 268 tons to 500 tons & hellip; … Is focus on preparations for the 3600 tons of r&d and manufacture of injection molding machine, in order to meet the needs of the market demand and heavy machinery. Let's see the advantages of the variable pump and work characteristics which have? Variable pump series models using the proportion of high response variable system, make the output power of aircraft hydraulic system match the machine run energy, greatly avoids the throttle, the overflow of energy losses, reduce the calorific value of the machine, can be compared to the common quantitative pump energy saving save electricity 30% 60%, economic benefit is very obvious, injection molding machine for the majority of the users have a more spacious space for choice. Bypass filtration device of the series injection molding machine was adopted, can prolong the service life of the main characteristics, and USES the superfine bypass filtration unit, long service life of hydraulic oil, oil change period can be extended three times to ten times as much. Energy conservation and environmental protection, not only save electricity fuel economy, but also saving water, for avoiding the throttling, no overflow fever, low temperature cooling water saving, make the seal service life is longer. Fuel oil in filter equipment, variable pump series is equipped with imported high-performance oil precision filtration equipment, ensure the service life of hydraulic oil, effectively save the waste oil. And the same power of motor, the output of the variable pump emissions to 20% larger than normal models, fast and efficient than ordinary models to advance.
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