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What is the two-color two-material plastic molding process of the two-color injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-07-05
JTT+H two-color injection molding machine two-color two-material plastic molding process and introduction of the technological frontier of this model? Two-color two-material injection molding products are prepared by mixing the same raw material into two different colors, and plasticizing and injecting the two color melts by the JTT+H two-color injection molding machine, and then injecting the molding mold from the nozzle. The molded plastic products have color separation, color mixing, or irregular patterns, and their appearance effects cannot be obtained by ordinary injection molding and surface modification. JTT+H two-color injection molding machine features introduction and molding process: 1. JTT+H two-color injection molding machine is a modular design, the clamping part and the injection part can be combined with multiple splicing, expanding the scope of selection. 2. Two sets of independent injection parts arranged in parallel can be customized according to the injection quantity required by the product, which increases the flexibility of its selection. 3. The screw and barrel are made of imported high-quality alloy steel, treated with ion nitriding. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. And according to the characteristics of the engineering plastics produced, special screws can be selected. 4. JTT+H two-color injection molding machine has two sets of injection parts, which can do injection at the same time. Two-color products are molded at one time, which greatly shortens the molding cycle. 5. The various parameters of the JTT+H two-color injection molding machine are determined by the computer-specific software after optimized design. 6. Independent hydraulic ejection system. JTT+H two-color injection molding machine adopts high-performance directional proportional valve control hydraulic motor or servo motor drive. Two-way 180° movable template turntable. When the turntable of the JTT+H two-color injection molding machine rotates, imported high-performance, long-life, axially movable needle roller bearings are used. And co-locate with fixed positioning pin and hydraulic positioning pin to ensure accurate positioning of the turntable and protect the safety of the mold. The turning pressure and speed are controlled in sections to ensure fast, stable and accurate turning of the mold. 7. Two sets of independent proportional pressure and flow control oil circuits. Used to control and drive two sets of injection components and two sets of hydraulic ejection systems. 8. Two sets of injections, two sets of ejection and opening and closing molds are all controlled by an electronic ruler. 9. Excellent oil circuit system design, combined with world-famous control valves and oil pumps, enables the control of the entire machine to reach the best condition. 10. Two-color and two-material products are formed at one time, which greatly reduces the degree of shrinkage of the product, greatly improves the appearance quality of the product, and thereby enhances the added value of the product. 11. The unique design of the turntable movable panel allows one set of two-color molds to produce two-color products, or two sets of ordinary molds (with the same mold thickness) to produce two different products at the same time. 12. JTT+H injection double-color injection molding machine dedicated computer, with large-screen LCD color liquid crystal display and dedicated operation interface, with good human-computer interaction performance. 13. Two-color and two-material injection molding products are molded at one time, eliminating the need for assembly or insert molding placement procedures. Shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency. Recommended reading: JTT+H vertical two-color injection molding machine two-color mold structure and unique injection advantages?
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