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What is the structure of the injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-07
Injection molding machine structure and function is more complex, although structure composed of many, but is very stable and energy saving, mainly by the injection system, control system, the clamping system, ejection system composition, today small make up to you about the structure of the injection molding machine: ( 1) Clamping device of the clamping device function mainly has three: one is to realize the reliable opening and closing of mold; The second is when injection, pressure to ensure adequate clamping force, prevent overflow plastic edge; Three is to realize the demoulding of plastics. Clamping device is closed completely moulds and mold the smooth opening and closing device according to the requirements of process. Injection molding machine, in the process of injection mold under the effect of clamping mechanism, under the conditions of high pressure liquid into the cavity can reliably remain closed. Clamping device is mainly composed of clamping mechanism, demoulding mechanism, mold, templates, tie rod, etc. By four tension rod before and after the fixed template to connect, form the whole rigid frame. Sliding between before and after dynamic templates are fixed template. Usually, the demoulding mechanism is located in the back of dynamic template. When dynamic model in open mold, but by mold demoulding mechanism of the ejection from the cavity plastic parts. In dynamic template or the template is also equipped with adjustable die institutions, can adjust the thickness of the mould, to adapt the demand of different thickness of the mould. Due to the structure of the injection molding machine, production control, complex degree of different plastic, at present there are three kinds of clamping device in general: mechanical, hydraulic, hydraulic mechanical. Mechanical general is the use of crank arm or to lever actuation of the crank arm mechanism to implement the open mould and mould, this type is not accord with the requirement of molding process, is now rarely used, this book will not introduce. Involution mode movement requirement is: before clamping changed from fast to slow, slowly open after plastic molding, rapid reset again, in order to protect the mold, a short molding cycle. ( 2) The role of injection molding machine injection device injection device mainly have three: one is to make plastic uniform heating, melting and plasticizing, and achieve flow state; Second, under certain pressure and velocity, the molten material with quantitative injection into the mold cavity; Third, at the end of the injection, the molten material inside the cavity pressure, and the loading to the cavity. To complete the function of the injection device is mainly composed of plasticizing mechanism, hopper, nozzle, barrel, etc. Work important part of the plasticizing mechanism for injection molding machine, it make the plastic homogenization and plasticizing, commonly used plasticizing mechanism is mainly divided into two categories: plunger type and screw type. When plastic by the hopper by gravity into the barrel, barrel outer heating elements heating and plasticizing mechanism of material friction heat production, into a uniform liquid, and then the nozzle into the mold cavity. ( 3) Control system is the brain of a plastic injection machine control system, it controls the action of injection molding machine, to make them according to the procedure established in advance, for the time, location, effective control and regulation of parameters such as pressure, velocity. Currently use more control system, is still the relay control system, a few have been controlled by microcomputer. This control system can perform action program control, temperature control, hydraulic pump, motor control, etc. , mainly by the relay, electronic components, detecting element, a mix of automation instrument. Control system and hydraulic system of the organic combination, can the process of injection molding machine precision and stability control.
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