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What is the special injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-19
Compared with the traditional injection molding machine, injection molding machine also in research and development of special type, the injection molding machine is suitable for the production of professional products, such as PET bottle machine, PVC special injection molding machine, two-color machine, three color machine, etc. Below let small make up to introduce the special models: the first: PET bottle machine, the birth of the injection molding machine is designed to solve common servo injection molding machine in the production of PET bottle embryo laborious, the injection molding machine improved on the basis of common injection molding machine screw and injection system, not only use the PET special screw, and increase the injection pressure to make plastic melt more fully, more forming tube embryo, embryo bottle products such as the second: PVC, the injection molding machine is specialized for the production of PVC products manufacturing, because of PVC plastic strong corrosive, we improved the all can direct contact with plastic machine, including screw, gun barrel, nozzle, etc. , to improve the corrosion resistance of these parts, because PVC illiquid has certain viscosity, so increasing injection pressure, make it a special machine. Third: double color injection molding machine, we have two mixed color and double color injection molding machine, the former irregular double color products, the production color separate product which is very clear, we redesigned on the basis of the existing injection molding machine production. Fourth: three color machine, we in two-color machine on the basis of the improvement on the design of the mould, in increase a corner on the side of the mold injection molding, secondary injection can be done, on the basis of the original three color effect, we are now under development, multi-color machine in theory up to do five color production. Has variety of injection molding machine sales, meet different needs of customers, welcome to inquire!
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