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What is the purpose of the design of high speed injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-06
A big plastic products demand in our country, with the progress of material technology and the improvement of injection molding technology, injection molding machine market faced by more and more widely, this includes: first, the automobile manufacturing industry market. Second, electrical appliances, environmental protection and energy conservation market. Third, instrument, electronics, IT, medical and intelligent toys. Fourth, the construction of infrastructure demand market. Because plastic products light weight, excellent electrochemical properties, and has good flexibility, easy forming, cutting, welding can easily with metal, glass, wood, and other cementing materials, etc. , in many industries it is replacing the traditional metal material products, the increasing demand for it. Will promote the development of modern industry, modern injection molding machine in the direction of the 'high speed, precision, and energy saving' development, but at present, the most widely used and most mature development of fully hydraulic injection molding machine is mostly still playing life products, far cannot satisfy people's demand for high quality plastic. High speed injection molding machine, mainly on the injection rate. The design of high speed injection molding machine has two purposes: ( 1) The product itself needs. Thin wall products, for example, the faster the injection rate, melt plastic can quickly fill the mold flow, thus able to forge a more thin wall products. ( 2) Shorten product molding cycle, improve the output of per unit time, and reduce the machine cost, improve the competitiveness of the accumulator as auxiliary energy, to the system to provide a large instantaneous flow, in intermittent or circular hydraulic system can significantly reduce the installed power of the system. High speed injection molding machine mainly is in need of instantaneous flow injection system, and other conditions of the system, such as open mold, mold closing, plasticizing, required such as flow rate is much smaller than the required flow injection, if the system power station are designed according to the working condition of injection, will inevitably increase the cost of the system, and also makes the system cause unnecessary waste. So the accumulator is used to increase traffic system is an ideal choice.
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