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What is the principle of double color mould molding

by:FUHONG     2020-09-26
Two-color injection mold is a product has two different materials or materials with different color of material into the injection, generally divided into two categories, one kind is mixed color, double color injection molding or injection molding machine of two alternating nozzle will be different color materials into one cavity, there is no clear boundary design and color of the products, another kind is double color injection molding, the two two nozzle material has sent out a products have obvious boundary of double color products, after the first nozzle will materials into small cavity forming, mould but not out, after the mould clamping after rotated 180 degrees, after the second nozzle will be another kind of material into the big cavity of the materials have been the first one, so that after the two kinds of materials together with the second mould ejection, injection a complete double color products, but this kind of mold cavity size so it is still to produce every open mould out a complete product. General this type of mould of the two materials have a material part of the assembly relation has important dimension is strict, the assembly relation and another kind of material is not very important, usually only meet the requirements of decoration or buffer or feel, so this layer material is commonly on the secondary injection molding, this kind of mold has is a lot of the qian die before, namely open two sets of mould, first make a material, put him in another set of mold injection after another kind of material. Qing two-color injection mold injection molding machine are rotating injection molding machine, mold fixed on a rotating disk, a material per dozen dynamic model is rotated 180 degrees, the injection molding machine of two nozzle horizontal layout and arrangement of up and down, and the maximum number of shoot glue two nozzle, one large and one small design must pay attention to this point, if the use rate of big cavity wrong arrangement results on the shot of the amount of the small shoot rubber mouth shot glue quantity is insufficient, may cause this mold may be waste involved in the process of this kind of mold are aware of his rotate 180 degrees to clamping mould smoothly.

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