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What is the JTT-200 double station low pressure forming machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-07-04
Cooling stage In the molding mold of a vertical injection molding machine, the design of the cooling system is very important. This is because the molded plastic product can only be cooled and solidified to a certain rigidity, and then the plastic product can be prevented from being deformed due to external force after being demolded. Because the cooling time accounts for about 70%-80% of the entire molding cycle. A well-designed cooling system can greatly shorten the molding time, increase injection molding productivity, and reduce costs. If the cooling system of the molding mold of the vertical injection molding machine is unreasonably designed, it will lengthen the molding time and increase the cost. Uneven cooling will further cause warpage and deformation of plastic products.  According to the experiment, the heat that enters the mold from the melt is generally dissipated in two parts, one of which is 5% transmitted to the atmosphere by radiation and convection, and the remaining 95% is conducted from the melt to the mold. Due to the action of the cooling water pipe in the mold of the vertical injection molding machine, the heat is transferred from the plastic in the cavity to the cooling water pipe through the mold base through thermal conduction, and then is taken away by the cooling liquid through heat convection. The molding cycle of vertical injection molding machine is composed of clamping time, filling time, holding pressure time, cooling time and demolding time. Among them, the cooling time accounts for the largest proportion, about 70% to 80%. 1. The factors that affect the cooling rate of the product are:    1. Plastic product design. Mainly the wall thickness of plastic products. The greater the thickness of the product, the longer the cooling time. 2. Mold material and cooling method. Mold materials, including mold core, cavity materials and mold base materials have a great influence on the cooling rate. The higher the thermal conductivity of the mold material, the better the effect of transferring heat from the plastic per unit time, and the shorter the cooling time.  3. Cooling water pipe configuration method. 4. Coolant flow rate. The larger the cooling water flow (generally to achieve turbulent flow), the better the effect of cooling water to take away heat by thermal convection.   5. The nature of the coolant. 6. Plastic selection. 7. Vertical injection molding machine injection process parameter setting. The higher the material temperature, the higher the mold temperature, the lower the ejection temperature, and the longer the required cooling time.   Second, the design rules of the cooling system. The cooling channel of the vertical injection molding machine mold design should ensure the cooling effect is uniform and rapid.  The purpose of designing the cooling system of the vertical injection molding machine is to maintain proper and efficient cooling of the mold. Cooling holes should use standard sizes to facilitate processing and assembly.   Three, vertical injection molding machine injection molding process demolding stage. Vertical injection molding machine injection molding process demolding is the last link in an injection molding cycle. Although the product has been cold-formed, demolding still has a very important impact on the quality of the product. Improper demolding method of the vertical injection molding machine may cause uneven force during demolding and cause the product to be ejected. Defects such as deformation. There are two main ways to release the injection molding process of the vertical injection molding machine: ejector ejection and stripping plate ejection. When designing the mold, choose the appropriate demoulding method according to the structural characteristics of the product to ensure the quality of the product. Recommended reading: (1) Connector injection molding machine, LCP connector injection molding machine, battery cover injection molding machine, JTT-550R disc injection molding machine (2) Low pressure molding machine, low pressure molding machine brand, low pressure molding machine manufacturer, single slide plate-oil and gas Pressurized-low pressure forming machine.
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