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What is the high-speed injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-07
With the birth of the ultra-thin products, ordinary injection molding machine has been unable to meet the demand of injection molding products with thin wall thickness, pressure and velocity can meet the requirements of molding, high speed injection molding machine is thus produced. High-speed injection molding machine has the motor oil and electricity compound machine, ordinary injection molding machine is hydraulic injection molding machine, hydraulic injection molding machine and relative speed slower. Petrol-electric composite high-speed injection molding machine use independent servo motor to realize the open and close mold, ejector demoulding, injection store raw materials, etc. , running speed is fast and precise, greatly enhance or improve the production environment and production efficiency. Today I will give you explain what is under the high speed injection molding machine. 1, high-speed injection molding machine high efficiency, high speed injection molding machine adopts three-axis linkage, popular speak for three circuits. Molding process is: the clamping and injection mould opening, cooling, ( Synchronous mode, the loading) , the interval of time. Such as a product with a normal injection molding machine molding time for 10 seconds, and high-speed injection molding machine works on the principle of the three-axis linkage, greatly shorten the molding time is about 6 seconds, minus two small steps, improve the speed of about half the time. 2, the common molding process of injection molding machine are as follows: clamping, injection, cooling, storage material, open die, die, interval of time. 3, high-speed injection molding machine, environmental protection, common standard pump that is used by the injection molding machine in the field of electric power, hydraulic oil and noise pollution. Summary:, high-speed injection molding machine adopts petrol-electric hybrid pump and servo motor. Servo hydraulic system advantages as follows: a soft start mould, will not affect the electricity network, to avoid contamination voltage, electric wheel. Can effectively prevent the oil temperature is too high, cooling is good. Greatly reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil. Servo hydraulic system with good click on the gear pump and electric power system, can greatly reduce the machine operation and production noise, can better improve the working environment. High speed injection molding machine, the total power compared to normal injection molding machine can save 60 ~ 70%, greatly reduces the cost.
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