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What is the distinguishing feature of injection molding machine boxes?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-05
Food industry ultra-thin packing box are all the rage now, become indispensable to the restaurant industry plastic containers fast-moving consumer goods. At the same time brings to the production of ultra-thin snack box manufacturers certain market capacity. Production of ultra-thin packing box, then, need what kind of injection molding machine to production? The answer is: must have high speed injection molding machine. So what characteristics are required to high-speed injection molding machine to meet the ultra-thin box production and its market demand? High speed: excellent high speed injection molding machine must have the characteristics of high speed. A dominant on the filling speed of injection molding machine, the other time of the injection molding machine to produce a mould needs 40 s, and if we injection molding machine just 20 s, then, in the injection molding process, we not only save the molding cost, more can improve production efficiency. Is that the advantages of high precision, high precision injection molding process, the basic can be done per cavity injection volume constant, the characteristic, can make the product scrap rate is greatly reduced. High energy saving: injection also has the characteristics of high energy saving, the machine adopts servo technology, when not moving, machine no electricity condition, this kind of state in the entire process of injection molding, occupy 50%. High stability: a good machine can't have been a problem, once the machine problem, the original production must be stopped, the problem of many, both need to take a large part of the maintenance costs, and delay the production. Good machine, must possess the characteristics of high stability. High security: injection molding machine is of high dangerous machines, a year playing machine personnel safety accidents are not uncommon, a good high-speed injection molding machine must have the characteristics of high safety, can effectively avoid playing machine personnel safety accidents.

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