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What is the difference between low pressure injection molding and conventional injection molding

by:FUHONG     2021-06-29
Low-pressure injection molding technology can ensure uniform melt flow, controllable injection speed and injection pressure, and can save costs in an all-round way. Low-pressure injection molding processing technology is a dynamic processing technology. This molding processing technology includes: while controlling the injection speed and pressure, injecting a fully plasticized and uniform molten material into the mold cavity, so as to ensure a complete and smooth melt flow front or melt flow front edge during the entire filling process . The above approach does not require the external pressure of the molded part, which can save up to 5% of raw materials and reduce the residual stress of the molded part. This controllable and gentle injection molding can make the circuit of the electronic device without deformation and the injection molding system. The pieces are integrated. 1. The working principle of low pressure injection molding. The low-pressure injection molding method (low-pressure injection molding machine) uses an advanced computer to control the injection process. During the entire filling process, a precise amount of melt is injected steadily, maintaining a continuous melt flow front before reaching the edge of the mold cavity. This processing method does not require high-speed and high-pressure mold filling, and the melt is gradually cooled and hardened during mold filling. As long as the following conditions are maintained, the melt flow front can be kept intact. 1. The molten material is completely plasticized, and the entire injection volume is evenly injected. 2. Automatically and continuously adjust the rotation speed, back pressure and injection speed to maintain proper positive pressure and speed. 3. The injection should be continuous until the precise amount of resin is injected into the cavity. 2. Low-pressure injection molding has no adverse processing consequences. The cycle time of low-pressure injection molding is longer than that of the standard high-pressure method. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The use of low pressure injection takes a long time, but due to the elimination of the pressure holding time, the entire cycle time is equal to that of the high pressure method, and sometimes slightly shorter. In addition, because low-pressure injection brings minimal mold residual stress, the cooling and solidification time of in-mold molding can be significantly shortened. Another fallacy is that if the mold is filled with low pressure without maintaining pressure, the melt temperature must be higher. In fact, low-pressure injection molding only requires a lower melt temperature. Rather than a higher melt temperature. 3. Equipment conditions. A special function of low-pressure processing is the ability to sequentially mold parts or components with a single-screw injection molding machine and up to 6 different mold stations. Exactly molded parts one by one. Fourth, continuous improvement in the application. Low-pressure injection molding is unique in its ability to composite materials and functions in a one-step method. It can also reduce the weight of parts. In terms of low-pressure composite molding, it not only enhances the plastic, but also acts as a surface decoration layer. One of the most attractive uses of low-pressure injection molding is to embed precision films. We are hopeful that in the future, the entire car, embedded plastic film interior parts, will be widely used in light fixtures and, for example, cladding surfaces. The developed low-pressure injection molding machine series precision injection molding machine JTT-200 double-station low-pressure injection molding machine is equipped with a new structure of advanced screw with strong plasticizing ability and uniform material temperature, improved performance and corrosion resistance, and improved heating machine simplicity The heating section configuration has been changed from the original 4 sections to 5 sections which are individually controlled at the top of the barrel, and the newly designed light-weight, high-rigidity molding plate, the length of the control rail of the movable template is 30% longer than that of the previous model, ensuring The high-precision mold mounting and pressing plate are parallel and smoothly open and close the mold. In order to meet the needs of production automation and improve operability, it is equipped with advanced control devices. Based on ergonomics, the operating panel and mechanical position are reconfigured to improve operability and improve production efficiency.
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