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What is the difference between hot runner and plastic injection machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-11
Hot runner and plastic injection machine, the two are inseparable. In injection molding machine production, it is very important to the choice of injection molding machine. All the automatic cycle ability, injection molding machine is suitable for hot runner system. So when choosing injection molding machine, we should pay attention to: 1, for the hot runner mold depreciation, advocates continuous operation of injection molding machine, with a multistage start to reduce the bad. 2, injection molding machine, injection volume metering, want to consider the compressibility of to the large volume flow of plastic. 3, because of the hot runner mould of hot flow path, the runner plate, so the mold thickness increases, the corresponding selection should pay attention to when injection molding machine injection molding machine installation height. 4, numerous automatic operation of equipment to ensure mold, preferred a robot manipulator or simple and controllable, such as: a, from plastic or accelerate them out. B, reduce time on the mold, cooling water pipe, gas path, circuit and the connecting time of hot runner temperature control box, etc. C, the product need to put insert flakes, labels, or wait for the mold. D, before start the injection molding machine for heating mould. E, to control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the startup time in the attachment. If you're looking for hot runner or injection molding machine, please contact us, we provide professional hot runner products and injection molding machine products.

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