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What is the cap injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-10
Cap dedicated high-speed injection molding machine can meet the specific needs of beverage closures production in large quantities. Injection molding machine with cap high speed machine, we become customers one-stop supplier, providing complete beverage closures solutions for them. Cap manufacturers to achieve higher production efficiency, achieve or exceed compression can reach the level of, at the same time can also provide more strict precision injection molding and significantly improve product design flexibility. Cap high-speed injection molding machine system specially designed to meet the diverse needs of beverage bottle cap manufacturing. All components in contact with the molten material & quot; Screw, barrel, sprue distributing valve, shunt board, sprue, mold core and cavity & quot; To strictly control, to ensure the shortest injection molding cycle and the highest product quality. The temperature of the molten material is heated to the ideal, and with the minimum pressure evenly into the cavity. Our hot runner sprue loosely to the requirement of cooling water, so it can shorten the cooling time and achieve a better quality of gate, greatly improving the product control and product consistency. By optimizing the injection unit and melting of hot runner size to reduce pressure, reduce the wear and make it easier to raw material processing system. Cap high-speed injection molding machine in the production of large quantities of beverage bottle cap is on the one hand, and always maintain consistently in the production of high quality light cap is another challenge. Provide excellent precision injection molding and hot runner balance, narrowing the difference of product weight, it could improve the processing window size - limit and provide more consistent products All these are key elements of the lighter, thinner products.
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