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What is the bumper injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-12
The bumper is absorbed to ease impact, front and back of the car safety protection device. Plastic bumper has the strength, rigidity and adornment sex, collision in a car accident can have buffer effect, protect the body before and after. Company specialized is engaged in car exterior trim molding solution, the bumper of the car we have developed special injection molding machine. In the production of automotive plastic parts, can provide different tonnage from 50 t to 4000 t injection molding machine, and more than 20 years' experience in auto exterior trim molding solution, such as front and rear bumpers, instrument panel, grille, the prop, the fenders, etc. According to our experience, the bumper is typically used for production of 2250 t / 2800 t injection molding machine, this series of machine is equipped with servo motor system, under the standard operation can save 30% 70% of power consumption. And our machine has passed the ISO9001 - 2015 certification and CE certification, to ensure the safety of the user operation. In addition, also can provide a complete production line for the customer to the bumper of the car needs, including bumper concept design, mold design and manufacturing, help customer for production line installation, staff training and other services. All of these services can allow customers in the shortest possible time to production, solve the waiting time of clients. Before shipment, to rigorous testing machine, mold and other equipment, to help customers save a lot of testing time and reduces the equipment parts possible problems. Large injection molding machine is not only applicable to the bumper, other auto parts, can also be applied to industrial trash can, plastic tray, and other products, if you're looking for high quality auto accessories injection molding machine manufacturers, our company will be your best choice.
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