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What is the bucket turnkey project?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-01
If you are planning to invest in barrel of injection mold and barrel of injection molding machine for the new project, so we have to find. We are providing customers with bucket injection molding turnkey project experts. What is the barrel type injection molding turnkey project. 1. 5 l, 10 l, 20 l barrels. We recommend the use of DKM268t DKM520t, in the case of on IML bucket mould, with injection molding machine manipulator, we recommend DKM650t picked up the products. With the robot system. There will be enough to switch trip. Dakumar is a high-performance servo dynamic control of the machine. Is a high response, energy saving, low noise, high precision control, and perfect the servo machine and hydraulic drive system of the connection. 2. Auxiliary machine has injection molding machine include: automatic feeding machine, hopper dryer, chiller, air compressor mixed color machine, grinder, mixing materials, or within the customer have requirement of products mold stick mark put robot system using a mould. Dakumar is a high-performance servo dynamic injection molding machine manufacturers. High response, energy saving, low noise, high precision control, and perfect to realize the servo motor and hydraulic drive system of the connection. Casino holdings group to provide clients with a full range of professional paint bucket injection molding production line project. If you are on the bucket injection mold production line of the project plan, or you want to invest to set up a new factory production bucket products. Welcome to contact us, to know more information.
Nowadays, the adoption of automatic injection moulding machine in rubber injection moulding machine industry is quite common.
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It is one of the best products available in the market today. automatic injection moulding machine is famous product in many oversees market.
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