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What is the breakdown of the skateboard molding opportunity?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-05
Failure of skateboard molding opportunities
A. The clamping force is too large. Generally, the maximum pressure of the vertical injection molding machine system is 140bar, and the maximum stress of the hinge is also calculated based on 140bar. Under normal operating conditions, the hinged edge will have a life span of several years. If the system pressure is increased by more than 140bar, the stress on the hinged edge will exceed the safe range and cause damage to the hinged edge. B. Poor operation. When the vertical injection molding machine is working normally, the mold needs enough clamping force to withstand the strong pressure generated by the injection. So as not to cause flash or defects in the product. If the clamping force is not adjusted properly or the mold is installed improperly, resulting in flashing of the product, this situation will not only affect the quality of the product, but also cause damage to the hinged edge. The reason is that the appearance of flashing will increase the stretched length of the Corinth column. At the same time, the stress on the hinged edge increases accordingly. Long-term flashing causes damage to the hinge. C. Insufficient lubrication. Vertical injection molding machine hinges need to be refilled with lubricating oil every day to reduce the friction between hinges and hinges, and maintain the hinges to work normally. If the lubricating oil is not refilled in time, the hinged edge will be easily burned and broken due to increased friction. In addition, if the lubricating oil is replenished regularly, the effect may not be obtained. The reason may be that the hinge is shifted and the lubricating oil hole is blocked; or the oil pit of the hinge is dirty and blocked, causing the lubricating oil to be unable to be replenished normally and lost. Lubrication. Eventually make the hinged edge cause injury. It is also necessary to choose the right lubricating oil correctly, because the oil that is too thin is easy to lose, but the fluidity of the oil that is too thick is also insufficient. D. Poor design. If the injection molded parts are unevenly distributed in the mold, it can cause flashing of the product and increase the extension of the vertical injection molding machine's collin column, causing damage to the hinge. Failure prevention: A. The mold pressure of the vertical injection molding machine is too high. The system pressure should be maintained at 140 bar and cannot be increased by itself. B. Poor operation. 1. When using a vertical injection molding machine, you should first consider installing a suitable mold. The clamping force required by the product cannot exceed the standard specifications of the vertical injection molding machine. The calculation of the clamping force can refer to the relevant calculation methods. 2. When adjusting the injection molding parameters, avoid that the injection pressure is greater than the clamping force, the material temperature or the mold temperature is too high, and the injection speed is too fast. In addition, whether the parallelism and rigidity of the mold meet the standards, and whether the mold is installed Squeeze. C. Insufficient lubrication. Arrange employees to regularly replenish lubricating oil on hinged edges. In addition, check whether there is enough lubricating oil on the lubrication pipe and hinge from time to time. The oil distributor should be adjusted as far as possible to not cooperate with the hinge to supply oil. If dirt such as oil holes are found, clean them up in time. If you find that the hinge is often short of oil and the lubricating oil supply is normal, you should check whether the through hole at the hinge (steel sleeve) position is moving. How to choose a vertical injection molding machine, because of the vertical clamping and vertical injection, the upper mold is movable and the lower mold is fixed. The straight injection molding machine is the most optimized solution for the injection molding of inserts. The four basic elements of the vertical injection molding machine are selected: 1. Capacity modulus. 2. Injection volume. 3. Product accuracy theory. The accuracy of plastic products is directly related to the purchase and configuration requirements of the machine.
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