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What is the advantage of energy-saving servo injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-30
A new upgrade servo injection molding machine, by optimizing the clamping unit, architectural configuration precision, stable and reliable operation, energy efficient, suitable for all kinds of high precision plastic products processing and production. Servo energy-saving injection molding machine, high energy saving: highly optimized servo energy-saving technologies, higher production efficiency, product unit energy consumption is lower. High precision: highly optimized mechanical structure with high performance controller in the Austrian families, effectively improve the service life of the injection molding machine and injection molding precision. High efficiency: highly optimized mould clamping unit, high speed process is more stable, shorten the cycle. High security: comply with national safety standards: the latest GB22530 - 2008 more safety and reliable. High stability: two cylinder injection molding design, makes the screw seat into the seat back when injection more smoothly, longer service life. Through finite element analysis software to optimize the injection molding machine structure design, injection molding machine architecture meet high rigidity, high strength, meet the demand of fast and efficient impact production. Among them: DAKUMAR fixed template through finite element analysis, uniform template surface stress distribution, deformation is reduced, effectively improve the precision of plastic products. After optimization design of the clamping mechanism: the pressure center of the template structure design. Injection molding machine clamping force directly effect on the injection mold, mold cavity size deformation is reduced, and greatly improve the precision plastic forming.

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