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What is standard of the choice of injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-07
For injection molding machine of purchasers and users, a good injection molding machine should have what advantage, need from what respect to assess, and then to choose and use reasonably. Evaluation standards should have the following aspects of injection molding machine. The criteria for the assessment of injection molding machine 1, the technical parameters of injection molding machine is advanced and reasonable. The user can be recognized by longitudinal or transverse comparison. The so-called 'vertical' is the main technical parameters of injection molding machine should meet the industry standards, according to industry standards. The so-called 'horizontal' is based on domestic and foreign similar technology parameters of injection molding machine. Therefore, it is a very careful scientific work. According to the material of plastic injection products, shape, structure and application areas and specific situations; According to the structure of the mould, quality, accuracy, cavity number, runner type and its structure, shape, size; According to the products of the day, month and year of production capacity at all levels to choose injection molding machine parameters such as degree of automation. 2, machine working stability, reliability, security and service life. The stability of the machine performance in clamping mechanism and injection system in each cycle runs smoothly, whether in the absence of work under the impact of mute, noise may not exceed industry standards. These situations related to mechanical aspects of the manufacture, assembly precision, also associated with curved cubits the reasonable design and the structure of the connecting rod. Reliability and service life, mainly reflected in the clamping mechanism of the system of rigid, and templates, tie rod, connecting rod and the pin shaft structure, size and material and heat treatment process and so on; Plastic injection molding machine of the system, such as cylinder, screw, the screw head, non-return ring and screw drive spindle structure and its manufacturing process and so on, these are the main force and the wear parts, injection molding machine directly affects the service life. The safety of the injection molding machine is very important. When clamping mechanism in the open and close mold, low voltage protection system involves the reliability of human security. If at the time of mold closing, in foreign bodies such as insert, due to reasons such as vibration into the cavity by accident, or other foreign material such as start, error into the mold, the mold should stop closing action, or automatically open mould and report to the police. Another security link, the injection molding machine is to prevent a cold start, in the process of the plastic screw when screw materials have not reached the specified temperature and holding time, start is prohibited, otherwise the alarm will happen. Injection molding machine nozzle of the splash guard is necessary, to prevent burns. 3, higher degree of automation, complete function to perfect, high production efficiency. Modern injection molding machine can realize manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, as long as the mould design is reasonable, can achieve from injection molding to the products out of fully automatic operation, can also be equipped with manipulator to realize unmanned operation. Thrusting core function, hydraulic pressure nozzle control function and fast heat flow probe function can be programmed in the injection molding cycle automation procedures, automatic cycle. High efficiency is mainly manifested in, each mold under the condition of normal injection molding process, molding cycle is shorter. This is the mechanical, electrical, reflect a injection molding machine hydraulic system comprehensive performance index, therefore, must use high quality hydraulic, electronic components, the precision manufacturing technology to improve the sensitivity and the repeat precision of injection molding machine system, it is injection molding systems is a reliable guarantee for efficient work. 4, energy saving and environmental protection is evaluation index of modern injection molding machine can not be ignored. Energy-saving, mainly reflect the injection molding machine in power drive system, heating system, cooling system meet the normal process compared with the similar machine under the condition of water and power saving ability. Modern injection molding machine design should fully consider the 'green' this topic. Injection molding machine should prevent the hydraulic oil leak or excessive noise, to work in peace. 5, man-machine dialogue ability and maneuverability. Injection molding machine more human should make its operation and management, operation more convenient, show to clear, and easy to understand, be clear at a glance. For parameter selection, quality control of products, mold material storage and its automatic replay function of various parameters, can make fast diagnosis for the fault and eliminate, reduce material waste, in the shortest time to restore the system normal operation.
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