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What is second board type injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-01
Second board type injection molding machine is especially suitable for large size plastic products, such as trash cans, household appliances, auto parts, plastic boxes and large logistics tray. In 4000 tp large second board type injection molding machine, for example, we'll look at the parameters of the machine configuration: second board type injection molding machine features: high stability:, key components are again after a long time of finite element analysis and optimization process, break through the traditional technology bottleneck, greatly improve the machine strength and rigidity; • clamping body adopts the whole h-beam, utmost ground to avoid the influence of welding seam on the injection machine accuracy; Junior, whole slide foot machine, set the template can keep absolute parallel. Plate from the fuselage bottom and side guide to eliminate any tilting torque, mould significantly enhance bearing capacity. High precision: • clamping oil closed design, leakage, pressure maintaining good performance. The operation of parallel lock nut, is fast and accurate response. , move the short-range clamping cylinder on the template, can quickly build clamping force, mould force uniform, clamping force by the pressure sensor can be real-time monitoring, repeated clamping force good reproducibility. High flexibility: • upside-down ejection device, the ejection stroke freely according to the requirements of the product. High reliability: • form tie fixed structure can carry large mould is convenient to improve the handling efficiency and work quality. Rod nut and clamping piston suspension structure, fully protect the rod in the brake part, double increase machine life. High molar volume: • travel distance, die thickness than traditional injection molding machine more than 50%, various parameters, such as machine use and choose more freely. High energy saving: servo control system, and the fuselage covers an area of 30% less than traditional injection molding machine high security: in strict accordance with the European CE standards, high safety coefficient of workers operating machine. If your factories to produce rubbish bins, home appliances, auto parts, plastic boxes and large logistics tray products, such as the use of injection molding machine and can't meet your production needs, can contact us immediately, provide two machine with high speed, high security, high precision, high efficiency, the advantages of high energy saving, and through the triaxial linkage ( The loading, die, die) Achieve high speed injection molding; We for machine parts supplier selection is very serious, 90% of the hydraulic components and electrical components procurement from well-known brands. Provide not only a machine, but also a set of precise molding solution.
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