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What is quality of high speed machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-07
The high-speed machine is different from the traditional hydraulic pressure injection machine and variable pump injection molding machine in the green, environmental protection, saving energy, under the trend of high speed machine has a big advantage. High-speed machine all adopt servo motor, no noise of hydraulic pump, servo motor and servo drive, faster response time, higher efficiency and control range more widely, especially for short trips, shoot even hydraulic press technology has introduced to save energy, thus closer and oil electric injection molding machine of the gap between energy consumption, but in precise, clean, green environmental protection, and composite action, hydraulic press or variable pump are still hard to reach the level of high-speed machine, it can be more accurate and fast response, only to signal machine can operate, because some of the machine can achieve higher performance. High speed machine will increase, electric motor and pump more an accumulator, high speed machine injection speed is more quickly. USES motor feeding, screw rotational speed than the same PuTongJi big on 100 r/min, high-speed machine loading faster than ordinary high speed machine. PM high speed machine adopts three loop system, namely, the loading, open mold, mold release can be simultaneously. As a simultaneous composite action, shorten the molding time. High-speed machine with one year free quality warranty, 24 hours service telephone, as well as the engineer on-site installation, commissioning, training and other services, customers can through online contact directly contact with our sales engineer, in order to get more about the machine's video, data, and configuration information of the machine, and so on.
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