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What is precision injection molding of disc injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-23
Disc injection molding machine precision injection molding: molding process solutions. Disc injection molding machine precision injection molding refers to a type of injection molding that is difficult to meet the requirements by using general injection molding machines and conventional injection molding processes. method. The concept of disc injection molding machine precision injection molding is mainly different from conventional injection molding. It is based on the rapid development of polymer materials and uses precision plastic parts to replace high-precision metal parts in the fields of instrumentation and electronics. At present, there are two defining indicators for precision injection products, one is the repeatability of product size, and the other is the repeatability of product quality. This article mainly elaborates the precision injection molding of disc injection molding machine from the aspect of product size repeatability. However, due to the different properties and processing techniques of various materials, the accuracy of plastic parts cannot be equated with the accuracy of metal parts. Disc injection molding machine precision injection molding is a comprehensive technology involving raw material properties, formulas, molding processes and equipment. Precision plastic products of mechanical disc injection molding machine include DVD digital discs, DVD laser heads, digital camera parts, computer connectors, light guide plates, aspheric lenses and other precision products. The distinguishing feature of these products is that they not only require high dimensional accuracy, but also The inherent quality and yield requirements of the products are also extremely high. The mold of the molded product is an important condition for determining whether the product can meet the dimensional tolerance required by the design, and the mechanical disc injection molding machine is the key equipment to ensure that the product is always molded within the required dimensional tolerance and to ensure a high yield. The highest accuracy level of plastic products is level 3. 1.1 The characteristics of precision injection of mechanical disc injection molding machine ①. The dimensional accuracy of the part is high and the tolerance is small, that is, there is a high-precision dimensional limit; ②. The weight repeatability of the product is high, and the dimensional stability of the day, month and year is required; ③. The material of the mold is good, the rigidity is sufficient, the dimensional accuracy of the cavity, the smoothness and the positioning accuracy between the templates are high; ④. The conventional injection machine is replaced by a precision injection machine; ⑤. The precision injection molding process is adopted; ⑥. The choice is suitable for precision injection Molded material. The most important technical index for evaluating products is the accuracy of injection molded products (dimension tolerance, form and position tolerance, and surface finish of the product). The standard used by mechanical disc injection molding machines is JT1372-78, which is consistent with the accuracy of Japanese plastic products and mold accuracy. The level is very close. In order to inject precision plastic products, it is necessary to strictly control four factors including material selection, mold design, injection molding process, and the technical level of the operator. Many precision injection molding machines also require high injection pressure and high injection speed, and the clamping system is required to have sufficient rigidity and high enough clamping accuracy. The precision injection molding of mechanical disc injection molding machines requires product dimensional accuracy to generally be 0.01~ Within 0.001mm, the mechanical disc injection molding machine has reached the high standards of clamping force and fast injection. The mechanical disc injection molding machine requires precise control of pressure, flow, temperature, measurement, etc. to the corresponding accuracy, and adopts multi-stage or stepless injection to ensure the reproduction conditions of the molding process and the repeatability of product dimensions.
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