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What is Angle servo energy-saving injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-09
Double color injection as the name suggests is a plastic parts with two kinds of plastic injection molding. Generalized double color injection molding is made by ordinary injection molding machine, injection twice, narrow bi-color injection molding is refers to the use of double color injection molding machine, will be two different kinds of plastic finished in the same machine injection molding parts. The former of equipment requirements is not high, but the production efficiency is low, basic is only applicable to request is not high, the hardness of plastic injection molding, the applicable scope of the latter and products of good quality and high production efficiency, is the current trend. Company has been committed to providing customers with high quality, high efficiency, high energy saving injection molding machine, we research the Angle of injection molding with casino special mould, can be widely used in the production of double color or multicolor plastic products, compared with the traditional standard double color injection molding machine, can save the initial investment in equipment for the customer, the production cost of individual products cheaper; The model can also be used as standard monochromatic injection molding machine. Applicability widely, high production efficiency.

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