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What is a suitable injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-08
Give you a pair of mold, how to determine the injection molding machine model? Engaged in injection molding machine industry for many years, most customers have the ability to use their judgment and choose a suitable injection molding machine to production, but in some cases, the customer may need vendor help to decide which one specifications of the injection molding machine, even the customer may only sample of the product or idea, and then ask the vendor whether the machine can or which kind of machine is suitable for production. Thus, to know how the injection molding machine selection is a must to grasp. The following information for your reference. Usually affect the injection machine selection of important factors including mold, products, plastic raw materials, molding requirements, etc, therefore, must first before selection of collecting customer information or below the following information: the mold size ( Width, height, thickness) ; Use the amount and type of plastic raw materials ( PP, PE, etc. ) ; The appearance of the injection molding product size ( Length, width and height) , weight and shape form ( A second, etc. ) ; Molding requirements, such as quality, production cycle, etc; After get above information, then according to the following steps to select the suitable injection molding machine. 1, select the right type is determined by the products and plastic raw materials model. Because DKM injection molding machine has very many kinds, so at first to correctly judge the product should be what kind of injection molding machine ( Monochrome, double color, mixed color, monochrome differences in general screw cylinder) 。 Such as common monochrome thermoplastics ( PP、PE、PS ABS) Using ordinary screw cylinder machine, if it is monochrome special raw material ( Bakelite material, PU, nylon, PET, PC, PMMA, etc. ) Need to use a specific screw cylinder machine. Double color and mixed color product need to use double color injection molding machine. The other customers have special requirements to counseling. 2, and be satisfied by the product weight and cavity number needed to 'shoot dosage' and select the appropriate 'screw diameter'. Calculation of the finished weight cavity should be considered, One module and a few holes, commonly known as a few) , such as a single product weight 10 g, a second mold, so the finished weight of 20 g. 3, lock to is determined by the product and the plastic 'clamping force' tonnage. When raw material with high pressure into a mold cavity can be induced in a hold the power of the mould, so the clamping unit of injection molding machine must provide adequate clamping force 'that mold is not open. 4, put inside the rod for DKM injection molding machine are showed in the machine and can judge the machine by the mold size of large column interval thickness, die minimal size & quot; If appropriate, to ensure that the mold put down. Mould width and height should be less than or at least one side is less than the big column interval. Mould width and height of the best within the scope of the panel size, and the mold is not greater than we recommended minimum recommended by mold size samples. The thickness of the mould should be between the minimum and maximum modulus of thick of injection molding machine mold thickness between. 5, produced by the mould and finished the mould schedule and travel & quot; Is enough to make the finished product out. Mould schedule at least more than twice the height of the finished product in the switch mode direction above, and set the length of the sprue is required. Travel need enough to finished product out.
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