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What is a special injection molding machine for silicone?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-02
Silica gel can be divided into liquid silica gel and solid silica gel. The special injection molding machine for silica gel is different because of the different purposes. The molding of solid silicon is generally done by heating directly, and then put it into the mold to enter the mold. After heating and forming, it will not be deformed anymore and is a thermosetting material. The liquid silica gel is liquid and has good fluidity. Because of the particularity of the type of silica gel, its performance characteristics are completely different. If the injection molding machine is used for injection molding, two machines with different characteristics are also extended. . Liquid silicone injection molding machines are generally referred to as LSR injection molding machines. Because the material characteristics of solid silicone are thermosetting, we generally use BMC injection molding machines, also called bakelite injection molding machines. Liquid silicone injection molding machine Because the injection method of liquid silicone injection molding machine is hydraulic, the advantage of this is that it can better handle all kinds of liquid silicone raw materials and ensure the pressure during the injection process. Generally, it has an independent storage cylinder with mixing equipment to handle materials with large differences in viscosity and ratio. Equipped with pressure monitoring during transportation, to know the situation of pipelines and mixers in time. Make the injection molding process better monitored. Accurately guarantee the accuracy of spitting out and the accuracy of feeding amount during the injection molding process. Thermosetting silicone injection molding machine (bmc injection molding machine) The thermosetting material is characterized by solid or lumpy, and the density of the material is relatively sparse, which requires us to ensure that the pressure in the feeding cylinder is large enough when injection molding and feeding. , So as to better complete the injection molding process. The BMC injection molding machine developed for this type of material is equipped with a special pressing cylinder to ensure the extrusion pressure of the material, not to damage the original structure of the raw material, and to ensure the hardness of the product. Strictly speaking, injection molding machines are also divided into vertical injection molding machines (a special model in the vertical C-type machine) and horizontal injection molding machines. According to the different materials produced by you, you can choose according to the actual situation. The standard is that if the surface area of u200bu200byour injection molded product is relatively large, then choose a horizontal machine, because the horizontal machine can better complete the injection of a large area. If the area of u200bu200byour injection molded product is small, you can choose a vertical injection molding machine. This can better save costs, and the vertical machine is relatively economical and applicable, small in area, and low in energy consumption.
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