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What is a plastic clip injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-20
In our daily life, plastic clips (also called plastic clips) are widely used. It is also a must-have product for the home. For example, drying clothes and socks, towels, bathrooms, clothing industry, clothing stores, clothing and accessories stores, etc. have applications, can be described as a must-have at home. The plastic clip is composed of three parts, two plastic models and a clamping spring. As the focus of the production of plastic clips, the reason for the plastic model is mostly the rigid plastic material PP, which can withstand high temperatures of 100 degrees. The production of this kind of plastic clip needs to meet the requirements of high efficiency and multiple colors. For this demand, we generally recommend the disc two-color machine, or customize it according to customer requirements. Ordinary demand disc two-color machine can complete the injection molding requirements, and special needs or production processes can be customized according to requirements. Two-color disc injection molding machine, high-efficiency multi-color injection molding 1. Two-color two-material injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, vertical clamping, vertical injection, easy and simple to change materials and color, uniform mixing, and rapid heating. 2. It is suitable for one-time molding of two-color or two-material products with inserts, multi-station disc design, stable rotation, accurate positioning, finished product removal, and easy and convenient embedding of accessories. 3. Double irrigation and click mold matching, any kind of mold can be competent. Scope of application: toothbrushes, trademarks, various accessories, bicycle or electric car handles, etc. We recommend a machine mainly based on the production needs of customers. It does not mean that all plastic clip injection molding machines must use two-color disc injection molding machines. If you are single-color injection molding, then choose ordinary standard machines or ordinary The disc machine is also possible, after all, the more functions of the two-color disc injection machine, the more expensive the price. We will design the corresponding model equipment solution according to the customer's actual cost investment budget and production needs. For more details, please consult our online customer service staff.
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