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What is a PET injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-20
PET bottle embryo injection system for the rapid development of the international PET bottle embryo packaging market, beyond the connotation of the injection molding machine itself, for the PET injection molding manufacturers provide a full range of solutions. PET bottle embryo of a complete set of solutions, including PET bottle embryo special injection molding machine, hot runner mold, mechanical hand, conveyor belt, in1, freezing equipment and mold dehumidifier, a simple and flexible production mode. Our plastic manufacturer of knowledge and experience can help make full use of the performance of the equipment, to ensure product quality, improve the efficiency of production, thus making has strong competitive power in market competition. Introduce PET injection molding machine features: 1, in view of the PET plastic molding characteristics, design specialty plasticizing components, use and the length to diameter ratio, configure the optimal power and the injection parameter, make the PET production of plasticizing and plasticizing quality optimization combination, reduce the defective rate; 2, the larger injection weight; 3, the power source of the powerful configuration makes the machine cycle is greatly reduced; 4, plasticizing machine with clamping movement of all actions parallel correlation, namely can realize open mould and plastic function, thereby reducing the molding cycle; 5, clamping device peripheral seal, make mold surrounding air is dry.
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