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What is a multi-color injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-20
In recent years, with the development of the economy, because people for injection molding product appearance, color, constantly improve the production requirements. Hence the multi-color injection molding machine to meet these requirements. Can provide flexible solutions, expand the plastic product performance and quality of two-color injection molding, multi-color injection molding process is more and more get the favour of people, many high-end manufacturers are racing to introduce multicolor plastic products, to enhance the product competitive, establish differentiated competitive advantage. Multi-color injection molding machine has been in the field of multi-color injection molding machine set up huge technical advantages and brand advantages. Multi-color injection molding machine rotating platform, also known as rotary table, is the important tool of multicolor total plastic, are also at the heart of the multi-color injection molding technology. Double color injection molding machine rotary characteristics as follows: 1, the new center water shaft without load type design, main shaft seal adopts high performance, he turns better sealing effect, longer life. 2, rotating driving with Germany servo motor and reducer line core, ensure accuracy of drive and the torque, rotary gap control in 1 '- 5 '. 3, wheel using special wear-resistant materials, cooperate with patent design of ring bearings, to reduce the friction coefficient of the effect. 4 supporting institutions, special design, used to offset the bearing radial clearance, prevent sagging phenomenon appears after the load on the wheel. 5, before rotating disk without using a mechanical device rises from the base; To eliminate the so-called two surfaces of friction.
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