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What is a lamp inlay injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-04
Hello everyone, today I will introduce you to the injection molding machine used to make lamp holders and LED lamp holders. Through understanding, we found that the injection molding process of this type of product is almost an inlaid injection molding process, and the finished molded object is about to be buried in the mold. In, then insert injection molding. For example, our common lamp holder lamp holder is also inlaid with conductive copper or iron in a layer of plastic shell. This type of injection molding requires high sales volume, multiple injection molding at a time, and large injection volume and high pressure. Therefore, a vertical disc injection molding machine is a good choice. Performance requirements analysis 1. We have briefly explained above in terms of technology. The function of fixing metal parts is designed for inlay injection molding when the mold is designed, and the metal parts are fixed in the mold before the mold is opened. , And then perform injection molding. In fact, in terms of technology, ordinary vertical injection molding machines can be completed. Considering the reduction of production cost and efficiency, it is necessary to choose a skateboard machine or a disc machine. 2. The advantages of choosing a skateboard machine, we can add a single skateboard or a double skateboard to the skateboard machine, in fact, whether it is a single skateboard or a double skateboard, because the injection molding table is fixed and can only be injected by the movement of the skateboard. That is to say, after all the mold products in one mold are injected, the other mold is skateboarded. In fact, the efficiency is higher than the ordinary vertical injection molding machine, but the efficiency is still not good. The molding time is long. , The production power consumption, time, labor cost, and final production cost cannot be effectively reduced. 3. Why is a vertical disc injection molding machine recommended? Because the injection table of the disc injection molding machine can be rotated, multiple molds can be placed on the rotating injection table, and products in multiple molds can be molded at a time, such as The JTT-1200R disc injection molding machine can form 2 molds at one time, 20 molds for one mold and 40 molds for two. Greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. This is also the reason why many lamp holder inlay customers use disc injection molding machines when they choose injection molding machines. JTT-1200R Disc Vertical Injection Molding Machine 1. Disc vertical injection molding machine, which can be matched according to product requirements, has functions such as large clamping force, small injection volume, accelerated injection, multiple groups of neutrons, mold blowing, mold vacuuming, etc. demand. 2. It can be matched with the characteristics of embedded parts and molding cycle, matching with skateboard type or turntable type, increase production capacity and improve efficiency. 3. Both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics are applicable. 4. It can also match the injection of a fully closed circuit to meet the precise needs of optoelectronic products. 5. Disc vertical injection molding machine integrates multiple sets of practical manipulator actions, which greatly improves production efficiency. 6. Disc vertical injection molding machine, upright mold clamping, upright injection, easy to insert into the body R2 three-column two-station disc, R3 four-column three-station disc, multi-station disc (one upper, two to four lower molds) to increase production capacity . Production sample
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