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What is a high-speed injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-12
High-speed machine adopts high speed low pressure injection and more action compound operation of combining the advanced design idea, the convolution model agency oil system, control system, and redesign and strengthening processing, by improving the speed of all actions and adopt the compound run more action, greatly shorten the production cycle of thin wall products, compared with common model molding cycle shorter, higher production efficiency. Overall & quot; 1) A new design of high rigid clamping mechanism; Shot using double linear guideway design, with high rigidity injection of stents, to ensure that the injection parts movement action stability; 2) Single cylinder injection, 300 - firing rate 450毫米/秒; 3) Composite flexibility. integration of innovation, opening and closing action and melt at the same time, in the process of ready for injection at the same time, in improving the production efficiency and ensure product quality more stable. High-speed machine USES sophisticated products suitable for thin wall forming of high strength type template, and through the comprehensive analysis of the finite element technology, optimize the structure, reduce stress, a sharp rise in the template rigidity. 2) At the same time increase the diameter of the rod design, and 42 crmo high-frequency quenching heat treatment process is adopted to prolong the service life of equipment under the condition of high speed running. 3) With dedicated nitride pin shaft pin, and increase the pin diameter size, sharply reduce the contact stress of pin, make sure its best lasting durability. 4) Pin and sliding parts adopt high load self-lubricating bearing design, reduce oil consumption, pin shaft to ensure running at a high speed and good lubrication of tie rod. High-speed machine adopts European latest single cylinder injection technology, injection of fast response, high accuracy, movement inertia small, injection of end point control precision. 2) High precision linear guide rail injection structure, to ensure the stability of injection and injection precision. 3) Specially designed for high length-diameter ratio screw cylinder, cutting speed, the better ability of plasticizing avenue and plasticizing effect, coupled with precision check back ring, rubber gasket design, significantly improve the injection accuracy. ” 1) control system' Special European import master computer, high precision, high response. 2) For digitizing control, servo drive and drive form integration system. 3) Contactor, switch and other major electrical components adopt schneider, omron, etc imported brands, stable performance. Product application: mainly applicable to the production and processing snack box, yoghurt, ice cream boxes, box, PS cups, disposable tableware, bottle caps, etc. Various kinds of thin wall molding products.
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