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What is a disc injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-24
PE is a crystalline raw material with extremely low moisture absorption, no more than 0.01%, so the disc injection molding machine does not need to be dried before injection processing. PE molecular chain has good flexibility, small force between bonds, low melt viscosity, and excellent fluidity. Therefore, the disk injection molding machine does not need too high pressure to form thin-walled long-process products. The shrinkage rate of PE is wide, the shrinkage value is large, and the directionality is obvious. The shrinkage rate of LDPE is about 1.22%, and the shrinkage rate of HDPE is about 1.5%. Therefore, it is easy to deform and warp, and the cooling conditions of the mold of the disc injection molding machine have a great influence on the shrinkage. Therefore, the mold temperature should be controlled to maintain uniform and stable cooling. The crystallization ability of PE is high, and the temperature of the mold of the disc injection molding machine has a great influence on the crystallization condition of the plastic parts. The mold temperature is high, the melt cooling is slow, the crystallinity of the plastic part is high, and the strength is also high. The melting point of PE is not high, but the specific heat capacity is large, so it still needs to consume more heat during plasticization. Therefore, the plasticization device of the disc injection molding machine is required to have a large heating power in order to improve production efficiency. The softening temperature range of PE is small and the melt is easy to oxidize. Therefore, contact between the melt and oxygen should be avoided as much as possible during the molding process to avoid reducing the quality of the plastic parts. PE parts are soft and easy to demold, so when the plastic parts have shallow grooves, they can be demolded strongly. The non-Newtonian property of PE melt is not obvious, the change of shear rate has little influence on viscosity, and the influence of temperature on PE melt viscosity is also little. The cooling rate of PE melt is slow, so it must be cooled sufficiently. The mold used in the disc injection molding machine should have a better cooling system. If the PE melt is fed directly from the feed port during injection, it is easy to increase the stress and cause uneven search and obvious increase in directionality. Therefore, attention should be paid to the selection of the feed port parameters. The molding temperature of PE is relatively wide. In the flowing state, a little fluctuation of temperature has no effect on injection molding. PE has good thermal stability, generally there is no obvious decomposition phenomenon below 300 degrees, and it has no effect on the quality. Disc injection molding machines are widely used in baby toys, computers, toothbrush handles, accessories, corsages, antennas, badges, buttons, chargers, electrical appliances, stationery, furniture, sports goods, gears, food utensils, surfaces, decorations, glue Flowers, small building materials, automobiles, meters, electronic parts, connectors, telecommunications, keychains, toys, plugs, connectors, switches, backpack buckles, plastic bottle connectors, pens, cosmetic bottle connectors, etc.

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