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What factors affect the molding of vertical injection molding machines?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-17
In the molding process of the vertical injection molding machine, there are many factors that make the products produced by defects, such as temperature, injection time, etc. Both can directly affect the molded product. Please let me introduce it in detail below. 1. Temperature As long as the temperature mentioned here refers to the temperature of the mold and the heating temperature of the raw materials, the temperature of the mold is an indispensable part of injection molding. The lower the mold temperature, the faster the heat loss due to heat conduction, and the melting The lower the temperature of the body, the worse the fluidity. Therefore, it is very important for injection molding to accurately grasp the temperature of the mold. The second is the raw material heating temperature. Some materials need to be heated in the raw material tank because of their particularity, such as BMC materials. Second, the time control of injection molding The impact of injection time on the quality of injection molded products mainly has three aspects. 1. Too long injection time will easily cause the product to pass the optimal molding temperature, resulting in poor final molding. 2. The injection time is too short to completely fill the mold, which affects the product quality. 3. Shorten the injection time and increase the shear strain rate in the melt. The greater the shear heating, and the less heat lost due to thermal conduction, the higher the melt temperature and the lower the viscosity, the injection pressure required to fill the cavity Also lower. The above is a summary of the factors that affect product quality during vertical injection molding machine molding. Everyone has testing and debugging during injection molding production and processing, so we can achieve the best level through multiple debugging. Of course, you can also learn from your peers about their debugging level or call us for consultation.
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