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What are the three axes linkage high-speed machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-01
As the prevalence of thin wall injection molding products on the market, around the plant also more strongly to the need of high speed injection molding machine. This demand, not only embodies in number, for the stability of the injection molding machine, recommend suite, security and so on more convenient demand is also gradually increases. Therefore, SINO - PM high speed machine arises at the historic moment. SINO- PM high speed injection molding machine conforms to the idea of 5 h, in energy saving, stability, security, on the basis of using three axes linkage function, makes the machine of molding process is reduced, thereby saving the injection time. High speed injection molding machine is mainly composed of frame, sheet metal, the clamping mechanism, injection mechanism, electrical control system and hydraulic control system, etc. General injection molding cycle can be divided into the following steps: clamping - - - - - Injection - - - - Cooling ( The loading) - - - - Open mould - - - - Demoulding - - - Interval of time. Some machines can also be at the time of cooling, screw place to store the material. And biaxial linkage high-speed machine in addition to the above can be carried out on cooling storage material, also can at the same time, in the open mold parting movement, a cavity is desirable. Common molding machine while cooling and the loading can be simultaneously, but take the long time. And three-axis linkage high-speed machine can be done at the time of the loading at the same time cooling, open mold, mold release. For example, if the production of a plastic product, product cooling time as 3 s, the loading time of 5 s, open mould time is 2 s, mold time is 1. 5s,。 So ordinary machine production time for 5 + 2 + 1. 5 = 8. 5 s, and the time needed for biaxial linkage of the high speed machine for 5 + 2 = 7 s, three-axis linkage high-speed machine, only need 5 s time. DKM injection molding machinery electrical co. , LTD. Not only the production of oil compound high speed machine, also produce quantitative pump injection molding machine, servo injection molding machine, variable pump injection molding machine, two-color injection molding machine and so on.

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