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What are the steps for the inspection of the safety system of the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-08
The inspection of the safety system of the injection molding machine is divided into the following steps: 1. Check the safety door and protective cover. Check whether the safety door and protective cover are intact and complete, and whether they are placed in the designated position; check whether the pulley of the safety door is normal, and whether the pulley and the slide rail cooperate well; check whether the entire safety door is damaged, cracked or desoldered; check whether the safety door bracket is firm, Whether the side guard of the safety door is loose, taken off or damaged; check whether the stopper bead is firm and whether it is broken; check whether the protective cover is firm, whether the rear fuse box and the safety cover net are covered and installed; check the upper guard plate of the safety door Whether the height meets the standard, whether the welding or connection is broken or loose. Features of JTTD single and double slide plate model of injection molding machine: ①Upright mold clamping, upright injection, convenient for inserting parts. ②D-Single slide plate (once and die). ③Single slide design increases production capacity and is convenient for hanging. ④Servo energy-saving motor is optional. ⑤The lower template is fixed and the upper template is lowered to open the mold. There is no need to worry about the displacement of the inserts and the molded product is ejected. It uses the hydraulic ejector device under the lower template. The ejection speed and stroke can be adjusted as required, because the template is sufficient It moves stably in the vertical direction, the mold structure can be simple, and the precision is easy to maintain, the template is rigid and wide, and the embedding operation is extremely easy. ⑥The automated production line is easy to group, and it can be combined with the embedded device and take-out device to achieve proportional coordination. 2. Check the mechanical safety device. Mainly check the mold clamping safety lock device. Check whether the mechanical safety lock is in good condition, firm, and whether there is de-soldering or looseness. Check whether the safety bar (bumper) is firmly installed, and whether there are traces of looseness or movement, collision, and scratching of the paint. 3. Check the electrical safety devices. Mainly check the limit switch of the safety door, emergency stop button, etc. Check the safety door limit switch, mainly to check whether the front safety door mold-locking limit switch, the front safety door safety limit switch and the rear door safety limit switch are sensitive, whether the installation is firm, the control is correct, and whether there is malfunction, looseness or damage Happening. 4. Check the hydraulic safety device. The specific operation is: during the manual clamping action, press the contact wheel or handle of the hydraulic safety lock valve to observe whether the clamping action stops immediately. If it stops, it proves that the hydraulic safety protection is reliable; then press and hold the hydraulic safety lock. The contact wheel or handle of the oil valve, operate the manual clamping again to observe whether the clamping action stops. If it stops, it proves that the protection action is reliable. If there is a mold opening or clamping action, it indicates the existence of the machine's oil circuit The problem needs to be repaired. Use the same procedure to check the rear safety door. This is an inspection required for machines with hydraulic safety lock devices. The opening of the safety door of the hydraulic safety protection device controls the action of the mold-locking hydraulic valve.
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