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What are the product advantages of vertical injection molding machines

by:FUHONG     2021-06-13
1. Product advantages. Energy saving: The servo oil pump system technology is adopted, which saves energy by more than 30% compared with similar products. High efficiency: The maximum speed of the servo motor is up to 2200/min, which increases the output of the oil pump and increases the production speed by more than 15%. Low heat: Follow the principle of how much you use, and the amount of cooling water can save more than 55% energy compared with similar products. Quiet: Optimize the working conditions of the motor, adopt imported bearings and oil pumps. Reduce running noise by 15-20 decibels. Precision: Fully closed-loop control of pressure sensor + motor resolver encoder is adopted to improve the consistency of the product. 2. Team advantage. Professional production team, design and Ru0026D engineer team, quick response after-sales guarantee service. 3. Talent advantage. The machinery company advocates a talent strategy, puts people at the center, vigorously cultivates potential newcomers, focuses on cultivating outstanding employees, and invites industry seniors to guide on-site, and strives to build elites to serve customers. 4. Service advantages. Years of customer service experience, summarizing customer opinions, the company has developed a systematic and standardized service process, and launched a 24-hour response system to ensure timely resolution of customer problems and provide customers with peace of mind. 5. Market advantage. The machinery company is currently a large-scale two-plate vertical injection molding machine and auxiliary material supplier in China, and its products are exported to overseas countries and regions. The development prospects are considerable. 6. Management advantage. The nationwide import of ERP management system integrates corporate human flow, logistics, financial flow, and information flow, and effectively utilizes corporate resources. In a scientific way, lead into the era of standardized management, and promote the standardization of production and service through management standards. 7. Resource advantages. In the course of years of development, relying on its reputation in the industry, it has integrated a large number of social resources, including: network resources, technical resources, material resources, etc. 8. Word of mouth advantage. The machinery company has been focusing on vertical injection molding machines for a long time, and has always won the affirmation of customers with attentive service and high-quality products. Recommended reading: What product is suitable for liquid silicone injection molding machine? Liquid silicone injection molding machine, liquid silicone injection molding machine manufacturer, liquid silicone injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine, liquid silicone special machine.
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