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What are the key points of the PVC plastic injection machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-03
We've listed here select the most appropriate PVC pipe forming machine of some of the key. A, some parts need to have the corrosion resistance of PVC plastic is corrosive materials, corrosion on regular machine. PVC pipe making machine, therefore, requires the use of special plasticizing screw design, gun barrel and nozzle also need to have very strong corrosion resistance. Second, the machine must ensure the safety production of PVC fittings in order to make the PVC tube in the process of mass production in a suitable temperature range forming, PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine should be set strict temperature control system, the injection screw cylinder and hopper at the top of the fan. Three, have enough molar space due to the PVC pipe fitting mould will usually have a lot of core-pulling motions, under the same clamping force or injection quantity, compared with the common mould, tube mould core pulling need more space. Such as PVC plastic injection machine, each side has an additional 200 mm from exit. In addition, there are other custom components, such as chromium plating to expand the size of the nozzle, the application of cooling oil and cooling water, etc. If you want to learn more knowledge about PVC pipe fitting, or are interested in our products, can contact us, with t - 110 PVC injection machine model of the 650 t, can according to the requirements of the customers economic budget or recommend the most suitable models, believe you choose us will be satisfied.
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