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What are the injection molding conditions and process technical support of the vertical turret two-color injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-07-03
JTT-2V3R vertical turret two-component injection molding machine is centered on the mold. JTT-2V3R vertical turret two-color injection molding machine has mastered a variety of multi-color and multi-material molding technologies. It is suitable for two-up, two-down or two-up and three-down injection molding process. The design concept is to simplify the mold and integrate the surroundings. It can be matched with mature molds that have been used in production. It only requires the correction of the overall mold thickness and the lower mold thickness, without the high cost and risk of special molds. Its mechanical accuracy is much higher than that of the traditional vertical two-component injection molding machine. The traditional molding method of the production line is to use a multi-color molding process with a multi-color machine, a vertical injection molding machine is used for one color or plastic, and the semi-finished products are turned between the machines. The representative is the rubberized handles of hand tools, two-color handle screwdrivers, two-color electric vehicles, and motorcycle handles can be seen everywhere. Usually 4 to 6 sets of ordinary injection molding equipment and related operators are required. The production time of a single finished product is equal to the sum of 4 to 6 injection molding times, plus the turnaround time of each product on the production line. In this way, there are only two ways to increase productivity. One is to increase the number of mold cavities. Originally, one mold has two cavities, instead of one mold with four cavities or even more; the second is to minimize the turnaround time of semi-finished products on the production line. The method of increasing the cavity is actually only suitable for general products with low requirements, and it is not necessarily economical. An increase in mold cavities means that the clamping force needs to be increased accordingly, and a larger tonnage machine needs to be purchased. In addition, the increase of the mold cavity will lead to the lengthening of the runner, which may affect the stability of the product molding. The second method is to shorten the turnaround time as much as possible to increase production capacity. This is actually the direction that every production manager strives for. However, this method involves more human factors and is relatively unstable and difficult to control. Therefore, designers of presses are thinking about shortening the turnaround time from the perspective of the machine structure. In this context, the center turret JTT+2V3R vertical turret two-color injection molding machine came into being. Its concept is actually a production line connected end to end, and the turnaround time can be shortened to the greatest extent. The basic model of the JTT-2V3R vertical turret two-color injection molding machine is four-station two-color, using two standard molds. The machine has a logo-shaped central turret with cross-shaped fixed inserts. The turret can be raised synchronously with the ejection action, and then lowered after a 90-degree indexing rotation. While putting the insert into the first mold, put the semi-finished product of the first color into the second mold, and then close it. Mold injection. It also provides optional water intake manipulators and manipulators for placing inserts and taking products to realize fully automatic production. The first batch of machines in this series has been put into production at a large tool company in Anhui. JTT-2V3R vertical turret two-color injection molding machine is a standard four-station dual-mode design, with 2 sets of water intake manipulators and 1 set of product taking manipulators. The product produced is a two-color pliers handle. The total molding time has now been shortened to less than 25 seconds. Only one person is required to sort the products, and the production efficiency is doubled. JTT-2V3R vertical turret two-color injection molding machine: ①. Modular design, optional multiple sets of efficient and stable injection devices. ②. Each mold in the injection station has a special clamping cylinder to provide clamping force. Adhering to the characteristics of the direct press, extending the service life of the mold. ③. The rotating action of the center turret adopts a small-sized planetary gear reducer and a pin positioning device. Rotation is fast and precise. Optional hydraulic drive or servo motor drive. ④. The lifting action of the center turret is controlled by linear displacement sensor, and the lifting speed and position can be directly adjusted on the operation panel, which is convenient and quick. ⑤. Integrate multiple sets of practical manipulator actions to greatly improve production efficiency. ⑥. It can be upgraded from the basic 4-station type to 6 stations and 8 stations, with higher production efficiency. Recommended reading: Instructions for injection molding conditions of vertical two-color injection molding machine.
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